International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

The Instituons Training Printmaking Artist / Educator from 1923 To Current Day and Their Conditions
Saime Dönmezer

Since its discovery in 1793, many institutions providing education in the field of printmaking were opened and numerous educators/artists have grown up. In the process from Berri-i Humayun of Engineers, the School of Fine Arts Sahane Central Teacher Training Institute, Government of Applied Arts High School and to the Printmaking Department of Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty, the process was marked by problems, outstanding efforts, successes and failures.Both domestically grown and grown in abroad teachers/artists tried to train individuals capturing the era, knowing the use of technological tools, questioning, self-reliant and criticizing by country-widely serving. Governments prepared the education system according to their own programs, opened a large number of art institutions but the importance of art education at the system, the issue of its early entry into the system could not be improved enough. When we train our students with “art education” in our educational instutions, it will be seen that most of the problems in this article will be overcomed easily. As a result, the education system will have more powerful structure with the establishment of the higher instution.

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