International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

Lost Self Four Theoretical Discourse On New Psychological, Personal & Social Pathos
Saeid Abdolmalaki

The post modernism and it's taxes make the huge problem in human's life had gone to unwished condition in his psyche.To bein this fluency and psychosis make the force to have more psychosomatic problem.In this new situation the mental disturbance and life damage com to human's wrapped world,that we can say all of this come frome post modernism and it's taxes.In this essay inspect "4" important damag and pathology of them.First;virtual communication as an actual and real part of human's life.The mass media and it's unseen waves arrest human;therefore;to day the confined of damaged by media with it's division and distributions like age,gender,date and place is unlimited and it come to be an epidemic mistake.Second;love failure and it's effect that we see in boys and girls relation.Third; mask and to explain the relation masked human's with real part of himself and others,and the unmasked human's properties.Veil or mask with all usefulness can be danger and perilous.This happen when the veiled human thinks that his real face is veiled face.In the other hand, human miss the real face and masked face and now he can see just one side of his humanity & stop self-actualization all situation.Forth;pathology of personality in someone with fix an impossible personality.Somtime you meet someone that thay haven't any flexibility.In the other hand, thay can not make relation with the inveronment and others.Perhaps with their humdrum and monotonous treat make some mistake.This essay explain all this patho and pathology that are new in human's life and tray to say guidance to each one.

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