International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

Adolescents Java Dialectict in Surabaya Bilingual Images and Optional Language Model in Java Community
Udjang Pr. M. Basir, Amirotul Ro’ifah

The development of a language in society is a fact that cannot be avoided. Interaction between the members of community, tribe, and nation that are more massive (globalized) causing contact between cultures and languages. Those causing the society in modern era generally billingualist. This paper discusses a social fact about how Javanese adolescent in Surabaya when they communicatee use Java in their community. Associations in society which are multicultural and multiethnic coloring Java language adolescent in Surabaya with all its variants. Accordingly, this paper will be focused on four important issues, that is about (1) the characteristics of the Java language adolescents in Surabaya, (2) the billingual type, (3) the impact of billingualism on adolescents, and (4) the contribution value of adolescent Java language to their language. Characteristically, Javanese adolescent in Surabaya develop communication patterns that are opened, dynamic, direct (vulgar), and develop slang word model. From the communication way that describes the mastery of Java language level, there are 3 types of billingualism, those are: active selective (unwilling and incapable), active varietive (want but less capable), and passive receptive (unwilling and incapable). Billingual fact of Javanese adolescent in Surabaya influences on 3 things: (1) the ambiguity in using the Java language system, (2) the tendency to switch codes, and (3) often happen code mixing process in communication. Some thing that is worth contributive from adolescent Java language in Surabaya is adolescent in agency function (change), because education and the demands of time, that is: the development of vocabularys (adoption and adaptation), and encourage the inclusion of science and technology term in the development of modern Java language is a positive thing.

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