International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

Management of Life after Retirement and Its Implication on Retired Academic Librarians in Edo State, Nigeria
AMUNE, Juliana Bosede (Mrs); AIDENOJIE, Esther .O. (Mrs); OBINYAN, O.O.

Management of life after retirement entails planning for the unpredictable and unavoidable new life style when one withdraws from active service. The need to plan, adopt and implement strategies to ease the pain and problems associated with life after retirement, cannot be overemphasized. The rationale for this study is to examine the management of life after retirement and its implication on retired academic librarians in Edo State, Nigeria. Survey method was adopted and two hundred (200) questionnaires were randomly administered to retired professional and non professional librarians in Edo state, Nigeria. Data collected were categorized and coded. The data were analyzed using simple percentage and Chi Square statistical techniques. The study revealed that most of the retirees retired as a result of their attainment of the prescribed length of service or age limit, that librarians prepare for their retirement through monthly contribution to specific pension schemes, maintaining a personal savings fixed deposit account with a bank, investing in skills acquisition and training, ownership of property, investment in shares and stocks and insurance policy. The implication of not preparing for retirement is that after retirement, the retiree will be unhappy, dejected, feeling of inferiority complex as a retiree, low selfesteem in the community, regretted retiring from Public Service and inability to contribute to the society. Furthermore, the study showed that there are inadequate government retirement programmes equipping librarians in terms of ability to plan and set up new business after retirement, in order to take care of them self and family and there is significant difference between life after retirement and life during service years. The study recommended that librarians should be encouraged to invest in assets and financial ventures so that at retirement, they can earn additional income from these assets and financial ventures to supplement their pension income and they should embark on continuous education and skills acquisition and training as a way of preparing for life after retirement.

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