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The Right Of The Owner To Recover Possession Of The Hired Goods From The Hirer Under The Hire-Purchase Act, 1965: A Right In Existence Or In Extinction
Adebisi L. Raimi
Hire -purchase trading system is one of the commonest methods by which traders, dealers and manufacturers grant extended credit to their customers.1 While the growth and development of the system has been very rapid in countries like the United Kingdom, it has been rather slow in Nigeria due to several reasons.2 This type of financing arrangement is more often treated by the ordinary man as a contract of sale in which the price is paid or payable by instalments3. Before 1965, Hire-Purchase transactions in Nigeria were regulated by Common law principles4 which were mostly draconian and brutish against the hirer especially in the area of repossession of the hire-Purchase goods by the owner from the hirer5.

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