International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

The Validity and Reliability of the Interaction Anxiousness Scale: Gender and Social Status Differences among Turkish Adolescents
H. Guzin Subasi

The main purpose of this study is to investigate the validity and reliability of the Interaction Anxiousness Scale and to examine whether there are gender and social status differences among Turkish adolescents. The Interaction Anxiousness Scale, is a 21-item Likert-type scale, was distributed to several high schools and data obtained from 622 students was examined. Cronbach’s Alpha reliability was found to be .86, and split-half reliability was calculated as .74 for the first half and .79 for the second half of the data. For reliability, Spearman-Brown and Guttman’s reliability coefficients were also calculated and found to be .85 for both. Analysis of the data revealed acceptable results for Turkish adolescents. A paired sample t test was carried out for the examination of gender differences, and a one-way ANOVA was conducted to analyze social status differences in social anxiety, but no statistically significant differences were found.

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