International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

Factor Influences in the Implementation of Adventist Wholistic Education in Mara Conference, Tanzania
Simon Arego, Elizabeth Role, Lazarus Ndiku Makewa

The purpose of this study was to evaluate factors that influence implementation of wholistic education philosophy in Seventh day Adventist secondary schools in Mara conference. Descriptive comparative study research design was used. Cluster sampling was used to pick 239 form four students, 133 teachers and 6 heads of schools. Questionnaire, record taking, and an interview schedule were used to collect data. To determine reliability of the questionnaire, a pilot study was conducted giving a Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient of 0.687.The results indicate that chaplaincy ministry was rated highest as far as implementation of Adventist philosophy of education was concerned, however, understanding of integration of faith and learning was rated the lowest. This could suggest that chaplains put their utmost effort to the implementation of the wholistic education philosophy in schools, while integration of faith and learning is a challenge to many secondary schools. This study further indicates that though heads of schools claim to have knowledge of the wholistic education, the results do not indicate so. It is therefore concluded that either the heads in Adventist schools are ignorant of the Philosophy or they are negligent of the supervision of the implementation of the philosophy. Teachers tended to claim that chaplaincy is an active department and has done quite well to promote Adventist philosophy of education. Students’ evaluation ratings of the factors influencing implementation of the Adventist wholistic education philosophy showed they agreed with parental cooperation and chaplaincy ministry, and tended to agree with headmasters’ leadership, teachers’ commitment, and understanding of integration of faith and learning. This paper recommends stakeholders full involvement in understanding and implementation of Adventist Philosophy of Education.

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