International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

The Meaning And Dimensions of Work: Women Traders Toba-Batak (Inang-Inang) in Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia
Ratih Baiduri

The research was conducted in the city of Medan on the meaning and dimensions of women's work Toba-Batak traders (inang-inang). The purpose of this study includes understand: (1) the characteristics of women traders Toba-Batak in Medan, (2) the meaning of work women traders Toba-Batak in Medan, (3) the dimensions of work women traders Toba-Batak in Medan.Theoretically, this study adds the benefits from the study on the meaning and dimensions of work, role and position of women in urban Toba-Batak. It also adds to the study of adaptation strategies, especially overseas migrant's inang-inang Toba-Batak in addressing the changes in the urban situation in Medan. Practically, this study provides a new understanding about the problems of women see Toba- Batak people who work within the context of a patrilineal Toba-Batak. This research uses a descriptive qualitative method by taking the informants in the study. It will be conducted to the city of Medan. This city is a multicultural city and is a typical interaction center for the residents of various ethnic and religious groups. This research is a case study focusing analysis unit areten family and household inang-inang. Location of the study will be concentrated at the center of the Market or Central Market. The technique used for the data collection process, among others, is the study of literature, participation observation and in-depth interviews. This study uses a framework of thinking of the meaning of work and labor dimensions of Wallman, the role of capital Bourdieu, hermeneutic approach in anthropology and life history. Trading activities of Toba-Batak women (inang-inang) is a major contribution in the family, especially his contribution towards the education to their children. In line with the three goals of life (cultural mission) hagabeon (blessed by heredity), hamoroan (wealth) and hasangapon (honor). Education for Toba-Batak people is the only way to achieve "the glory of life." Toba- Batak women traders with trading activities completely to achieve the task of the cultural mission.

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