International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

The Effect of Regional Intellectual Promotion and Industrial Creativity Promotion on Baan-Cao-Jom Jewelry Design of Sri-Satchanalai District in Sukhothai Province
Nirat Soodsang PhD

The purpose of this research is to provide in-depth recommendations to small and medium enterprises as well as local enterprises in order that the local intellect combined with scientific principles can be used to commercially develop innovative products. This research was conducted by selecting a small and medium enterprise in the gold or silver ornament industry in Sukhothai province, which is Baan-Cao-Jom Jewelry Design of Sri-Satchanalai district. Having selected the enterprise, the objectives, missions, processes and evaluation methods were explained to the enterprise. In addition, the contributing factors and business possibility were also analyzed and discussed regarding the utilization of regional intellect to create 2 prototypes of gold and silver ornaments. The research also included the provision of advertorial materials to be distributed by the group, which were one 0.80x1.20 meter four-color posters and 1,000 A3 four-color pamphlets, explaining the details and products of this research. The research came up with 2 prototypes of silver ornaments. The design of the first set of silver ornaments inlaid with jewels derived from the colors and patterns of Teen Chok’s textiles. The filigrees of Teen Chok are fine patterns which are the main components of Teen Chok. The patterns used to design the first set are those which have geometric forms, namely Krue-Kor, Sroi-Sa and zigzag patterns, combined with regional art as well as intricate handicraft of experienced and skillful goldsmith specialized in ancient patterns from Baan-Cao- Jom Jewelry Design who can design various types of ornaments. The main component used for the mounting is silver and the inlaid jewels used are, for instance, emerald, gemstones and light and deep blue enamels. The necklace of the first set can be worn in 3 different styles depending on occasions. The design of the second set is contemporary which utilized the new enamel technology on Sukhothai gold ornaments, Tubsuang pattern and the design of intertwined sprays from the walls of Nang Praya Temple. This set of ornaments is suitable for men of working age who prefer gold ornaments which have a variety of functions. It is also equipped with a sim card reader which can be used to store important information in daily working life. Additionally, this research designed the packaging for the products as well as advertising materials for the community as well.

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