International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

Towards Modern Phonetic Description for the Arabic Morphological Phenomenon al-Maqṣūr and al-Manqūṣ as an Example
Dr. Fadel Khalil Al-Sheikh Hassan

This study aims to handle many of al-Maqṣūr and al-Manqūṣissues in the Arabic morphological lesson. It was handled depending on the modern phonemic processes and the data of articulatory phonetics and phonology. As a result, this study will be a model that used for reframing a lot of complex or ambiguous issues in the Arabic morphological lesson. This study has achieved its purpose by displaying what the traditional morphological theory cited in al-Maqṣūrand al-Manqūṣissues. As well as, it discussed it using the modern phonetic approach. Finally, it settled the matter by reconciling between ancient morphologists’ remarks and modern linguists’ points of view. The study was divided, according to its curriculum, into three parts. In the first part, aspects of the modern phonemic theory, which represents search devices in the morphological phenomenon, were clarified. In the second part, the aspects of the traditional morphological theory in al-Maqṣūrand al-Manqūṣwere explained. In the third part, it sheds the light on many sides of al-Maqṣūrand al-Manqūṣin ancients’ standards. Furthermore, the study stops on the transformations of al-alifin al-Maqṣūrand al-yā’ in al-Manqūṣ, the dual of al-Maqṣūr and al-Manqūṣ, the plural of al-Maqṣūrand al-Manqūṣ, al-tanwīnof al-Maqṣūrand al-Manqūṣ, and the modern phonemic data in what is mentioned above. The study concluded to drop what contrasts with the accurate scientific theory, which is adopted by modern phonetics. Moreover, to have an access to a compromise formula that simplifies the Arabic morphological lesson.

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