International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

Pre Retirement Anxieties among Civil Servants in Ebonyi State Nigeria on the Non- Contributory Pension Scheme
Joshua O. Nweke

Pension is one of the structures designed by the society to whether the storms of old age especially on retirement from active service. The non-contributory pension scheme established in Nigeria by Act 102 in 1979 face enormous challenges like nonpayment of pensions on time, embezzlement of pension funds and too much screening exercises that is usually stressful on retirees. In this study, civil servants who are future retirees express their feelings over the non-contributory pension scheme and the challenges retirees face in the administration of the scheme especially in Ebonyi State Nigeria. The study utilized survey design. The study sampled 382 civil servants respondents out of a total population of 8606 through questionnaire administration while in-depth interviews (IDI) were conducted on 4 stakeholders of the non-contributory pension scheme. Civil servants perceived delay in the payment of pensions (69.1%) and lack of transparency (50.5%) as common features in the administration of non-contributory pension scheme. There was positive relationship between the perception of CS on NCPS and their strategies to overcome future retirement challenges (R = .279). Qualitative data showed that inadequate preparations for retirement, delay in the payment of retirement benefits, embezzlement of pension funds, corrupt practices among pension managers and governments’ unwillingness to review pensions were challenges confronting the non-contributory pension scheme. The study recommends the adoption of the 2004 pension scheme in order to overcome the challenges inherent in the management of non-contributory pension scheme in Ebonyi State since it provides lump sums of money for retirees.

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