International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

Social Analysis of the Living Conditions of the Elderly in Selected Communities in Edo Central Senatorial District
Michael Irabor Ibiezugbe Ph.D.

The elderly in Nigeria are denied resources by formal institutions towards retirement and comfort to life in advanced stage of their existence. Yet, they are the custodians of culture and tradition, mediators during conflict resolution and contributors in enforcing peace in their various communities. This study therefore examined the general living conditions of the elderly, factors affecting their living conditions, types and sources of support as well as proffering strategies to improve their living conditions in central senatorial district, Edo State, Nigeria. The study used their social, economic and health conditions as indicators. Purposive sampling technique was adopted and a structured questionnaire was administered to 250 respondents from five (5) community; one each from the five LGA that makes up Edo central senatorial district of Edo state. The Five major communities were randomly selected from each of the five Local government council of Edo central senatorial district. Data were analyzed with both descriptive and inferential statistics using the Chi-square analysis. The study showed that 42% of the respondents are in the prime elderly (70-74) age group in which male respondents constitute 59.2% and females 40.8%. Farming and trading constitute the most important occupations engaged by the elderly with about 67.9%. The result of the chi-square analysis (x2) showed that factors such as Social factors such as income, feeding, housing and nature of support of the elderly are the major factors affecting the living conditions of the elderly in Edo central senatorial district. Majority of the support for the elderly is gotten from the family mostly the children with about57.2%in the study area. Going by this, the living standard of the elderly needs to be improved upon. The study recommends that there is need for health insurance schemes for the elderly, special supply of food supplements for the old and also the provision of geriatric healthcare facilities like specialized hospital and old people's homes either by Edo State government or private individuals. There is also need for stakeholders to design policies that will ensure the elderly are financially secured in their old age so as to improve their standard of living.

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